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    Maximize Your Time in Q4 with User-Generated Content

    Oct 27, 2022 12:45:26 PM | Plum Digital Demo

    It’s beginning to look a lot like… Q4!

    The weather is changing, the holidays are approaching, and 2022 is about to wrap up.  As we press ahead into the last months of 2022, the pressure is on for many brands, retailers, and restaurants to meet their goals for the year—along with the millions of other checklist-items that must be accomplished. This time of year can leave us all feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed. If you’re feeling the pressure mounting and wondering just how you’re going to do it all as the days fly by, we understand. 

    At Plum, we believe that retail solutions should deliver more while demanding less. We understand that Q4 is a stressful time for everyone in the room, but getting the results you need and want! doesn’t have to be. With the simple and intuitive Plum Marketplace, you can select, purchase, and launch a program with ease and assuredness. You and your company can crush your retail goals by utilizing our suite of solutions, while maximizing affordability and minimizing time. Plum is a total game-changer. 

    Instead of spending Q4 overwhelmed, let Plum take some of the retail tasks off of your plate. One of the big ones that we know is on your to-do but can sometimes seem unattainable is driving user-generated content (UGC, aka social shares) around your products. You’re wanting to spark the conversation online and to build engagement, brand awareness, and overall goodwill towards your company.

    But, how do you guarantee it with the quickly-shifting thing that is social media?

    Enter: Digital Demo, a Field Agent tool.

    Launching a Digital Demo will compile valuable information, drive sales to meet your goals, and gather crucial data on just what customers love and aspects that could be improved. So, let’s all take a collective deep breath, grab a quick cup of coffee (or calming tea), and read on for some valuable information and insight about our Digital Demo program.



    Digital Demo: Start the Buzz Around Your Product in Q4

    Okay, let’s chat Digital Demo. From the moment it’s launched to the moment it’s complete, we’ll show you all the bells and whistles.


    • Once you get started on your Digital Demo through Plum, targeted shoppers who use the Field Agent app will accept the job and purchase your product in a specified store or online.

    • The shopper will then try your product at home and rate it on a scale of 1-10. They’ll also answer questions regarding the product, their experience purchasing it, and if they’ll choose to repurchase again. All of these questions can be curated to drive the results you’re looking for, while also gathering user-generated feedback and images directly from the shoppers.

    • If the shopper has rated the product a 7 or higher, then they’ll also have the opportunity to share their thoughts on social media (either on Facebook or Instagram) and tell their friends and followers about your product! If you have your heart set on it, a caption can be specified and your brand and/or product pages can be tagged, too. You’re probably ahead of us by this point, but we’ll say it anyway: this is the prime opportunity to drive even more engagement and awareness around your product. 

    • To top it all off, data is compiled for you and can be trackedin real time via your own interactive and easy-to-use (and easy-on-the-eyes) dashboard. You’ll be able to analyze all of the information and then apply it to your business as needed.



    Pretty cool, huh? Utilizing Digital Demo is invaluable, especially during Q4 while shoppers are inundated with choices and decisions that need to be made

    Hearing directly from the consumer on what makes the product great and what can be improved is wildly all-important. You can also gain insight to the product as it’s received on social media, which can also be a major benefit and eye-opening. Not only is Digital Demo a lifesaver, the Plum platform is completely self-serve. Survey in broad strokes or analyze as closely as you like; you get to call the shots from beginning to completion. 

    Wondering just how Digital Demo can positively affect your business? Here are some quick, relatable instances of how Digital Demo can offer crucial information for businesses, while also saving that oh-so-precious time:


    Seasonal Product Launch 

    Let’s say your brand or company launches a new, seasonal product during Q4. (Which is… quick count… just about everyone.) To help drive sales, bring awareness to the brand and product, and allow customers to try the product, a Digital Demo is brought into the picture. Not only can customers sample a new product during the ideal time of year, but they also can post it to their social media channels for even more exposure and brand recognition. 


    Product Rebrand 

    Here’s another real-world example: Your product is being rebranded with an updated logo, colors, and overall look. To ensure that customers notice this change and know what to look for when searching for the new and improved rebrand, a Digital Demo can be created to gain vital feedback on visibility, how easy it was to find the product, and if the rebrand is a welcome change. You can check the reactions, comments, and reports as they are compiled via the dashboard and make necessary changes as needed with the information that has been reported. 


    Holiday Insights 

    And, this last demonstration might hit close to home. Your product is on shelves year-round, but you want to gather data on how it’s used during the holiday season. By launching a Digital Demo, you can target a specific customer group and gain feedback on exactly how your product fits into a consumer’s holiday plans. Not only will this drive the results you need, but you also gain added traction and recognition from the social media aspect that Digital Demo has to offer. 


    With inflation and the recent price hikes on everything from paper towels to your favorite sparkling water, launching, relaunching, or driving awareness to a product can be a real doozy. This is where you can wave your magical wand (or mouse), purchase, launch, and gain the invaluable data that Digital Demo has to offer. 


    We’re right there in your corner, and understand that Q4 is a stressful time for most in the B2B and B2C space—especially when looking for affordable, flexible, and easy solutions. 

    Instead of allowing the stress to continue to build, allow Plum to come alongside you and give you that needed break in your schedule. With the time saved, you could spend time with family and friends, enjoy the festivities that this time of year brings, or even take a break to catch up on some reading. (We know, what a concept.) We won’t tell you what to do, but we want you to know that we can take it from here! We’re proud you chose us and look forward to working with you.


    Start a digital demo project.


    This is Plum, and we’re so happy you’re here. Let us help you find your sweet spot—whatever that looks like. Whether your brand is big or small, a start-up or 75 years in, we can help you win at Q4 the best you can. Shop now for your digital retail solution. 

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