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    See What Your Shoppers See: The 3 Lenses of the Holiday Consumer

    Oct 6, 2022 10:41:31 AM | Plum Product Trial, Holiday Trial

    If you take a poll around your office, you’ll quickly find that the majority of your peers wear glasses or contact lenses. Glasses are v in these days, so you may not even have to ask.

    Styles can come and go, but, fun-fact? 3 out of every 4 people in the U.S. are seeing the world through some sort of lens.

    It’s vital to see through the eyes of your customers, and what better way than to put on the specs they wear.

    Plus, with major retailers trimming down for the holidays, you and your brand are probably painfully aware that every sale counts. We’d argue that each shopper sports a metaphorical (yet fashionable) pair of eyewear when it comes to shopping—especially during the holiday season. Let’s take a look.

    See What Your Shoppers See: The 3 Lenses of the Holiday Consumer

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    Driving Glasses for In-Store Shoppers

    The first pair of glasses that we want you to try on are your run-of-the-mill driving glasses. Most people keep them in their car consoles, but whip them out for safety and clarity.

    Today, we’re here to suggest you do the same.

    Our trusted provider Field Agent shared that 97% of 1,200 US adults shopping for the holidays will be getting behind the wheel and driving to a brick and mortar store—and 2-outta-3 said they’d be stopping at three or more places. Bad traffic and inclement weather aside, shoppers still go for the in-store experience and in-your-face options.

    Once they’re in the store, though, that’s when the rubber meets the road. As your shopper goes from aisle to aisle and sees your product stacked among the rest, what’s going through their head? Tbh, we have rose colored lenses for you.

    Whether you sell electronics or energy drinks, toilet paper or toys, your brand fights for eyes and attention. Good news, though, 66% of holiday shoppers tapped “definitely” when asked if they’ll make impulse purchases while strolling around the store.

    But here’s the deal, our sources tell us that while that’s fine and dandy that shoppers are more likely to make an impulse buy — it’s still costing you an arm and a leg to get your product on-shelf. With high inflation, high manufacturing costs, and mandatory same-sticker-price, we know you’re in a bind.


    Our unsolicited advice? We’re glad you asked. We strongly suggest you nail your seasonal execution through display compliance audits. Your chances to make a sale on-shelf rather than on-screen are growing slimmer by the year, and it’s crucial your products are being viewed in the best light possible. Make sure your in-store marketing strategies are actually followed and your items are priced correctly.


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    Blue-light Glasses for the Ecomm Buyer

    We probably don’t have to spoon feed this to you, but blue light lenses are made to protect eyes from the harsh blue light that screens emit. Aka, if you’re reading this, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to dig out a pair.

    When shopping for their 2022 holiday necessities, the online-shopper base is growing further and wider as they pop on their blue light glasses... more than 12% if you’re wanting exact numbers.

    There’s a lot of common reasons for this, like the ability to quickly compare pricing, the convenience of shopping from their couch, and the peace of mind knowing their exact item will be in stock and to their door—sometimes within a matter of hours. None of that is new.

    But, with these stressful added factors of inflation, supply chain delays, and seasonal labor shortages, (we’ll stop there), the number of people that said they plan to shop online for their holiday wants-and-needs is growing like crazy.


    According to Nick Handrinos, vice chair at Deloitte LLP, “As inflation weighs on consumer demand, we can expect consumers to continue to shift how they spend their holiday budget this upcoming season,” yikes. “Retail sales are set to increase as a result of higher prices, and this dynamic has the potential to further drive e-commerce sales as consumers look for online deals to maximize their spending.” Mmm… got it.

    It’s key that as your product is viewed through those blue light lenses, your listed product-pricing is consistent across the board (did you know that sometimes it's not?) and you’re boasting stellar ratings and reviews. We’ve got a few tools in our back pocket that we can use to ensure your online product listings have matching prices and verified reviews.

    Protect your eyes and save your ecomm sales forecast as those blue-light-shoppers click “add to cart” on your product page.



    Prescription Glasses for Choosy Consumers

    Customized. Exact. Filtered. Prescribed. Have it your way.

    When it comes to holiday shopping, just about every consumer subconsciously sings Ariana’s ‘7 Rings’ I want it, I got it. Don’t get us wrong, that can come off with a negative connotation and we mean no harm. But, without a doubt, some brands are blindly navigating the retail culture that’s become oh-so selective.

    Stick with us on this metaphor for our last view: most U.S. holiday shoppers see their holiday retail experiences and choices through their own personalized prescription.

    The eyes have it.

    Nathan Richter, who is a senior partner at Wakefield Research, says, "Research shows that personalized online shopping experiences are no longer an option for retailers: they're essential.”

    But how do brands and retailers continue to cater to the changing trends and specific wants? How much power do brands even have over what’s considered popular?

    It’s all about perception and influence. But — pause for effect — your brand has utmost power to influence the popularity and purchase decisions around your products. In other words: you have a serious opportunity to understand and change how your shoppers view specific concepts, items, and retail experiences.

    We’ve got a perfect example. When Field Agent asked shoppers how they’d decide to buy specific gifts for the holidays this year, nearly half of respondents said they’re influenced by online photos and videos on retailer sites, online ratings and reviews, and signage/holiday displays in-store. Sooo, all factors your brand has the ability to impact.

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    Our advice to you for winning the eyes, dollars, and hearts of shoppers (new and old) is to know them. And if you don’t, learn. We have a killer concept testing product that’ll help you figure out where their preferences lean. Then, we can take you the rest of the way with our brand photography and product ad creative video packages to hone how you want your products presented.

    Trust us, your product will be seen at all its best angles.


    Do you need holiday retail solutions without a hitch? We've got you covered at

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