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    How the Push Go Podcast Can (Actually) Transform Your Life

    Oct 19, 2022 4:50:12 PM | Plum Push Go Podcast

    When someone says, “It’ll change your life,” we’re immediately sus. Try this pasta, it’s life-changing. Did you see that new movie premier? Changed my life. 

    Yeah, sure.

    But here’s the deal, the new Trader Joes item, rom-com blockbuster, New York Times best seller, et cetera, probably won’t do a major overhaul on how you live each day. We’d counter that it’s the daily moments (big and small) and how you choose to navigate them that define how you live and work. 

    That’s why we’re proud to announce our new Push Go podcast, produced by Go Rogue X. For 30 minutes every week, our show features stories from people that have bumped up against an opportunity that they used to actually change their life. 

    When Plum launched, we had a goal to make life a little better by making work a little easier. So, yes, we’re a product-led, retail solutions company, but we’re also passionate about giving you tools that can help you live your whole life to the full—whether that’s with a retail solution or a binge-worthy podcast.

    Announcing Push Go—  podcast that can change your work and life.

    So, how could a weekly podcast change the trajectory of your life? By providing the tools to do four simple things: empower you to make decisions, grow your connections, reframe your outlook on work, and help you find fulfillment in your everyday life.




    Studies show that this is the golden average number of times a person makes a conscious decision every day. Sounds exhausting. But how do we know if our decisions through pivotal times actually make a difference? Guests on the podcast—ranging from c-suite execs to working parents to new-to-the-(workforce)-scene teammates—talk about how the choices they make affect how they live and work. 




    One of our first guests on the show, Gabe Wight, shared a specific time where he had to make a key decision in his vocation that changed the trajectory of his life. 


    Gabe explained, “...I really didn't want to give [that] up. I really didn't want to get back on the road and I enjoyed all that time traveling, but I sure enjoy the kids. And so that was a big driver and that whole decision was what is a role, what is a thing that I'm passionate about and [how can it] fit within the current set of circumstances?”





    Our host, CEO, and co-founder Rick West says, “It’s all about relationships.” And by ‘it’ he means everything—life, joy, purpose. He says this phrase around the office, in his social media, and yep, on the podcast. 




    It’s crystal clear: one of the pillars of every episode is building a go-to community. While you may not have the time (or $$) to grab a cup of coffee with a new person every day, consider this a way to learn about stories that matter.

    And hey! If you do want to grab coffee (virtual or irl) with one of our guests, we'll always leave you with the best way to connect with them.




    Those defining moments where we choose to Push Go definitely don’t have to revolve around school, work, and career—but many do. It’s the structure of our world, and we spend the majority of our day in its rhythm. 

    In the podcast, you’ll get a firsthand look at how people in different companies, roles, positions, and tax brackets made major moves because of fill in the blank: job loss, new child, tough conversations, big promotion, you name it. 



    We’ve said it once, but it’s worth a quick circle back: work has its place, but it’s not everything. Here at Plum, we’re firm believers that your life comes before the place that puts money in your bank account. By highlighting the “aha decisions” that alter people’s lives, you’ll have the chance to hold those experiences up to your own and compare. 

    Whatever you’re walking through, we hope this gives you a place to find both commonalities and places for empathy for those who have gone through things that you haven’t.

    Did you notice?

    Every one of those you-should-listen-to-this-awesome-podcast reasons had you in it. It’s your life, and we know what it means to spend a half an hour of attention each week with us. This isn’t “just another business podcast,” it’s a spot to grow, learn, and engage from wherever you’re at. You can watch or listen wherever you find your podcasts, and we’re pumped to do this with you. And trust us, you’ll be glad you pushed go.


    Ready to learn, grow, and engage? Find Push Go wherever you get your podcasts.


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