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    Ebook: The Essential Guide to Retail Merchandising

    Jul 1, 2022 2:25:16 PM | Plum Merchandising, eBooks, CPG

    Merchandising is the lifeblood of retail.

    Without it, there’s no replenishment, no organization, no presentation, no—gulp—retail sales.

    It’s not an exaggeration: Merchandising drives trillions in U.S. retail sales every year.

    Yet, as important as it is, merchandising, as both a concept and a retail function, is shrouded in ambiguity. It doesn’t help that it’s used by different companies (retailers and brands) over different channels (brick-and-mortar and online) for different yet overlapping purposes.

    So what exactly is merchandising in retail? And…

    • What activities does it involve?
    • Why is it important?
    • Who does the work of merchandising?
    • What are common merchandising challenges?

    Field Agent’s free ebook, The Essential Guide to Retail Merchandising, answers these questions and others. It’s a primer for professionals looking to understand the fundamentals of this all-important retail function.

    Our ebook specifically focuses on in-store merchandising as it pertains to brands.

    Read or download by clicking below.


    Of course, brands have many tools for generating in-store, retail sales. Broadly speaking, they have the 4 Ps: product, price, promotion, and place.

    But as the ebook shows, no retail program—that is, no combination of the 4Ps—can win retail sales without effective merchandising.

    Read or download The Essential Guide to Retail Merchandising to understand the what, how, and why of merchandising today.

    And visit the Plum Marketplace for an assortment of on-demand merchandising solutions that can be launched with a few clicks, in a few minutes.

    No contracts or conversations necessary.



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