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    Launching a New Product? How Plum Can Help

    Aug 19, 2022 1:46:27 PM | Plum Product Launch

    POV: you've been tasked with managing a new product... and guiding it to launch and land without a hitch.


    A product launch is a marathon and a sprint. Over the coming months, you'll face a seemingly endless stream of challenges, from perfecting the product, to finding the right price point, to getting it on store shelves... not to mention the care and attention that goes into maintenance post-launch.

    Sound familiar? Scroll on to discover six crucial mile-markers for your product launch plan—plus, handy tools from Plum's trusted providers (designed to get your product off the launchpad and into the stratosphere). See what we did there?




    Deep breath. Plum's got your back.

    From taking an idea on a test drive to snapping killer product photos, from earning your first sales to gathering shopper feedback, yes even ironing out OPD hiccups, Plum's trusted providers are your dream team to make your product launch as smooth as can be.

    That's why brands from mom-and-pop companies to Fortune 500 juggernauts trust Plum's solutions to guide them at every step of the product lifecycle.

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